Friday 5 May 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of OnFiction! 
Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you readers for supporting us all these years. We've managed almost 650 posts so far and hopefully you have enjoyed reading them just as much as we've enjoyed writing them. A huge thanks as well to all of our contributors!
Looking forward and moving forward...

(Painting: 'Miss Auras, The Red Book' by Sir John Lavery)

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Dr Dazzle said...

Congratulations. How prescient. On Friday I delivered a first year undergraduate lecture on academic writing for Psychology and I mentioned how students could learn much from clear, concise literary masters such as Hemmingway and the non-fiction/essays of Orwell. Keen to read more academic articles on fiction and cognitive science. Might find a way to integrate this into my cognitive psychology, ageing, neuro-developmental disorder research interests.

I thought Keith Oatley had a Sussex connection, I received an awesome undergraduate education from COGS (1992-1995) :)

Best wishes,


Keith Oatley said...

Dear Darren, Thanks very much for this comment. Yes, it's good we have been able to keep going for nine years with OnFiction. We started as a writing group, and metamorphosed in OnFiction when some people moved away from Toronto; but some of us are still here. Glad to hear, too, that you are lecturing on the psychology of academic writing. Part of our job, I think, is to make the writing of psychology more like the writing of literature. And you are right. I was a faculty member in Experimental Psychology at Sussex from 1967-1986. And a few months ago, I went back (first time for years) to give a colloquium. It was on the psychology of empathy and fiction. Glad you had a good time in COGS. Best Keith

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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