Friday 27 February 2009

Narrative Workshop in Vienna

A two day workshop on the psychology of narrative will take place in Vienna, on April 4th and 5th, entitled “Narrative Fact and Fiction: Patterns of narrative construction in media stories and differential effects.” Organized by Prof. Dr. Susanne Kinnebrock (University of Vienna) and Dr. Helena Bilandzic (University of Erfurt), the workshop covers an impressive number of speakers and topics in this short amount of time, and is surprisingly affordable (35 Euros) provided you live close to Vienna. A preliminary list of speakers and titles (subject to change) appears below, and those interested in registering should contact Timon Schaffer.

Daniel D. Hutto (Hertfordshire, UK)
Rick Busselle (Pullman, USA)
Raymond A. Mar (York, Canada)
Narrative Journalism
Margreth Lünenborg (Berlin): Journalism as Storytelling – Blurring boundaries between fact and fiction.
Vinzenz Wyss (Winterthur): No narrative – no journalism. The key factor of narrative by chaining discursive knowledge in journalism.
Television news as narrative
Ioanna Vovou (Athens/Paris): The ‘transparency’ of media discourse or the narration of the real world: about “Athens ‘on fire’” on December 2008.
Viktorija Car (Zagreb): Narratives in Croatian prime-time TV news.
Amir Hetsroni (Jerusalem): News from here and far: The impact of media narratives location on the cultivation effect.
Fact to Fiction, Fiction to Fact
Jürgen Grimm / Bernadette Kneidinger / Manuela Brandstätter (Vienna): Factual-Fictional-Transfers in the Integration Discourse. A comparison between an episode of the fictional crime series 'Tatort' and a documentary on migration conflicts in the Austrian village Telfs.
Manuela Glaser (Tübingen): Re-enactments in archaeological television documentaries and their influence on the reception process.
Narrative elaboration of events and social order
Lothar Mikos (Potsdam-Babelsberg): The Baader-Meinhof-Komplex between fact and fiction – narrative patterns and transmedia storytelling
Irena Reifová (Prague): Romance, ideology, seriality: on transfer of socialist television serial narratives into post-socialist Czech television culture
Advances in Narrative Persuasion
Anneke de Graaf (Nijmegen): The importance of identification in narrative persuasion
Hans Hoeken (Nijmegen): Scrutinizing fictional characters’ arguments: Do stories prohibit central processing?
Intuitive and rational thinking in narrative experience
Matthias R. Hastall (Erfurt): Narrative Media Use as Interplay of Unconscious and Conscious Needs: A Psychodynamic View on Narrative Experiences
Kim Toft Hansen (Aalborg): “Great intellects guess well”. Crime Fiction and Knowledge Based Readings
Affective and rational processing of narratives
Markus Appel (Linz) / Barbara Malečkar (Linz/ Ljubljana): Persuasive effects of non-fictional, fictional, and lie stories. A closer look at individual differences in the need for affect and the need for cognition.
Rose Thompson / Geoffrey Haddock (Cardiff): Narrative style and narrating source have different impacts on cancer-related attitudes.
Closing statement
Peter Vorderer (Amsterdam)

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This sounds great. It's out of my purview (and budget) right now, but perhaps next year!

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