Thursday 22 April 2010

Therefore Choose

Tomorrow my new novel, Therefore choose, will be published. The publisher, Goose Lane Editions, has written the following blurb, which appears on the front flap of the cover.
“Life can only be understood backwards. That’s what Kierkegaard said. The trouble is one has to live it forwards.”

On a summer visit to Germany, George, a young medical student at Cambridge, meets Anna von Kleist, whose intellectual force, beauty, and self-assurance smite him full in the heart.

It is 1936. Hitler is already in power, and a shift has occurred in Germany that Anna, George, and their friend Werner have not fully grasped. Europe is on the cusp of war when the three find themselves in a painful love triangle that plays between England and Germany.

A love story on a grand scale, Therefore Choose is set in a world where a single choice can affect the direction of a life, a country, or even a continent. Facing decisions that will forever alter the course of their lives, George, Anna, and Werner must choose and live with the irrevocable consequences.
I would like to be home in Toronto for the publication of my book but, due to a cloud of volcanic ash, I am involuntarily confined to Europe at least until the weekend.

Therefore choose is my third novel, my most personal so far. You can get it at Amazon, for which click here. I also hope that from tomorrow onwards you can get it from bookshops in Canada. When I have returned home, I'll write another post on the background to my writing of the book.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Keith! Looking forward to the launch of "Therefore Choose" at TINARS in the Gladstone Ballroom at 7pm in Toronto on May 3rd! Cheers, Susan B.

Keith Oatley said...

Thank you very much indeed Susan. I look forward to meeting you at the launch at the Gladstone, on Monday the 3rd of May. Please introduce yourself.

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