Tuesday 2 June 2009

Anniversary Narratives: Posting

(2pm): Checking my scheduler.
• Three days. I don’t even know what to post about. I could do … No. No. That won’t work.

(6pm) Eating dinner.
• Maybe... No. I just have three days, and nothing. If I don’t have a better idea by tonight, someone else should fill in instead of me.

(10 am) On a bicycle.
• I just have two days. This is pointless.

(2:30pm) While reading something unrelated.
• Ahhh! I’ve got it! Good. Plenty of time. That’s a good idea. This time, I should really post ahead of time, for a change, while the idea is fresh. I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning.

(9:30am) At breakfast.
• Plenty of time.

(11:30pm) In bed, before falling asleep.
• I have to post tomorrow. Yes, that was a good idea. I should have really done it this morning. Anyway, plenty of time. So the first part should be…. Ok, good.

(6:30am) In bed, just awoken, eyes still closed.
• So what did I say about the first part…

(1:15pm) At my computer, doing post-unrelated things.
• Dammit. It’s already afternoon.

(4:50pm) In a line at a coffee shop.
• It’s late, but still lots of time. It’s gonna be a late night. That’s ok.

(8:00pm) At home, sitting before a computer screen.
• I have to begin NOW.

(8:45pm) Still at the computer screen
• It’s going somewhere….

(9:50pm) Pacing the room, trying not to look at the computer screen.
• This is going nowhere. Even I don’t get what I’m trying to say.

(10:20pm) In the kitchen, burrowing through the fridge for a snack.
• This was a bad idea, really, I should have known this was a bad idea.

(10:35pm) Before a computer screen.
• Ok, I get it. This is what I wanted to say…

(10:40pm) Before a computer screen
• I’m really tired.

(10:47pm) Before a computer screen, having ignored a warning for low batteries in the wireless keyboard.
• I just need to finish up. Why is my keyboard not working? What?? It needs batteries?! Please, not now!!!

(10:50pm) Burrowing through a box that might or might not contain extra batteries.
• Why now? Why does this always happen? I’ll miss the deadline. This will be the first time I miss the deadline. I just needed two more minutes at the damn computer.

(10:57pm) Batteries replaced.
• Can make it still. It doesn’t look too bad.

(11:12pm) Before the computer. More snacks on the work desk.
• Actually, this isn’t bad. I like it. That’s it. Time to post.

(6:45am) Scrambling out of the bed, urgently turning on the computer, getting on line.
• What the hell did I post? What if it was awful, and they had to take it down?! Oh, ok, here it is. Good. Next time, I should really post ahead of time!


the wordy gecko said...

Oh, I enjoyed this so much! Done something similar myself too many times, but not with such an amusing and clever result.

Kirsten Valentine Cadieux said...

So exactly true.

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