Friday 17 October 2008

What to Read

Last week, in our post entitled Who to Read, we promised to start introducing works of fiction that we thought might be especially useful to help extend social abilities, or to encourage development of personality. Today, we start our suggestions of What to Read.

Our research is still at an early stage, but we do receive requests for recommendations as to what to read. Our suggestions come with the caution that we make no strong claims about the ability of these works for self-improvement. The recommendations have a theoretical rather than an empirical basis. We tentatively identify the following themes as relevant:

• Understanding the minds of others,
• Understanding relationships,
• The dynamics of interactions in social groups,
• The problematics of selfhood in the social world.

We have created a new page in our Archive section called Psychologically Significant Fiction, and you can see our first four recommendations of novels, one on each of the above themes, along with micro-reviews by clicking here.

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