Thursday 23 October 2008

Conference: Reading and Watching

The Dutch Reading Foundation (Stichting Lezen) is hosting a one day international conference entitled "Reading and Watching: What does the written word have that images don't?" It is on Friday November 21st, at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. You can find details about the conference, including the program in English, here.
Here is a brief outline of the conference:

Gyögy Konrád

Adriana Bus
About Heavenly Bliss and Virtual Tours

Klaus Maiwald
Lost at Sea? Reading and Reading Promotion in a Pictorial Culture

Raymond A. Mar
Empirical Studies on the Cognitive and Social Outcomes of Reading

Jakob Lothe
Verbal Narrative and Visual Image: Reading and viewing Conrad, Coppola and Sebald

Joyce Goggin
Literature and Games

A forum discussion among the speakers, chaired by Rachel van Riel, will end the conference.

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